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All Star Martial Arts World has Classes in Richmond Hill & Newmarket, Perfect for Kids, Teens, and Adults Martial Arts Lessons.

Who we Are And why You Should Train Here

Since we’ve opened our doors in 2010, we’ve been dedicated to changing the lives of people one person at a time, through martial arts, education and coaching. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all students and family members. We take pride in creating an environment for individuals to achieve, develop and succeed in their personal goals.

We strongly believe that martial arts can be for everyone, regardless of age, gender or experience levels. Throughout all of our programs, students will not only learn the necessary skill sets to protect themselves, we stand behind our realistic and practical approach, confident it will enable every member to achieve greatness and live their best life.

Get To Know Our World Class Instructors

About Us Richmond Hill | All Star Martial Arts World


Headmaster & Co-Owner

Master Andrew stands as the leader of our martial arts team, boasting a remarkable journey
that spans from being one of the very first students of All Star Martial Arts to becoming a revered martial artist and instructor.

From the early days of All Star Martial Arts, Master Andrew showcased exceptional talent and commitment to his training. His passion for martial arts quickly propelled him to the Canadian National Team, where he represented Canada on various international stages. Throughout his competitive career, Master Andrew competed, trained, and proudly represented Canada.
While passionately competing and traveling the world, Master Andrew discovered his deep-rooted desire to pass along his knowledge and skills to aspiring martial artists. His innate ability to effectively communicate complex techniques and his natural leadership qualities led him to become an inspiring instructor. This passion for teaching became a central aspect of his continuing martial arts journey and founding All Star Martial Arts Newmarket.

Master Andrew’s commitment to ongoing education and growth as a martial artist ensures that his teaching methods remain innovative and effective. He continually hones his own skills and stays up to date with the latest advancements in martial arts.

Through continuous learning, he ensures that All Star Martial Arts remains at the forefront of martial arts instruction, providing our students with the highest quality training.

Today, as the Co-Owner of All Star Martial Arts alongside Mr. Emin, Master Andrew continues to inspire and shape the next generation of martial artists. His wealth of experience, both as a competitor and a mentor, allows him to guide students towards achieving their goals,
fostering personal growth, and instilling values such as discipline, respect, and perseverance.

Through his guidance, All Star Martial Arts continues to empower individuals to reach their fullest potential and embrace the lifelong journey of martial arts.

Master Armina - All Star Martial Arts World


Head Instructor Richmond Hill

Allow us to introduce Ms. Armina, a friendly and accomplished member of our martial arts staff and co-owner of All Star Richmond Hill.

With a lifelong dedication to Taekwondo and an inspiring journey that led her to prioritize her passion for martial arts, Ms. Armina brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our community.

Ms. Armina’s martial arts journey began at the age of 14 when she discovered her love for Taekwondo. From that moment, she embarked on a path of discipline, dedication, and continuous growth. Her unwavering commitment to training allowed her to compete at an international level, where she showcased her exceptional skills and determination.

While Ms. Armina’s talent and hard work led her to remarkable achievements in Taekwondo, she also received acceptance into Law School, an impressive milestone. However, her deep-rooted passion for martial arts prevailed, leading her to make the courageous decision to follow her heart and prioritize her dedication to the martial arts community.

As a co-owner of All Star Richmond Hill, Ms. Armina plays a pivotal role in shaping our martial
arts organization. Her leadership, combined with her extensive experience as a practitioner and competitor, contributes to the vibrant and nurturing environment we strive to provide for our students.

As an instructor, Ms. Armina exemplifies discipline and embodies the values of martial arts. Her approachable and friendly nature fosters a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where students of all ages and skill levels feel supported and encouraged. She possesses a keen eye for detail and provides attentive guidance, ensuring that each student receives personalized instruction to enhance their growth and progress.

We are privileged to have Ms. Armina as a co-owner and valued member of our martial arts community. Her unwavering commitment, passion for Taekwondo, and decision to prioritize martial arts over a legal career are a testament to her dedication and love for this art form and her students. Ms. Armina’s warm and welcoming personality, coupled with her experience and dedication, make her an integral part of the All Star Richmond Hill family. Her commitment to the success and well-being of our students is unwavering, and her influence positively impacts their martial arts journey and personal growth.

All Star Martial Arts - Mr. Emin


Founder & Co-Owner

Get to know Mr. Emin, the charismatic and dedicated founder of All Star Martial Arts!

With a lifelong passion for martial arts and a unique background in the military, Mr. Emin brings a wealth of experience and leadership to our organization. From an early age, Mr. Emin found himself drawn to the world of combat sports. His journey began as a youth, where he immersed himself in the art, discipline, and physical fitness that Fencing offered. This early connection sparked a lifelong commitment and interest to the practice of martial arts and inspired him to establish All Star Martial Arts. As the founder of All Star Martial Arts, Mr. Emin helped shape the organization into a thriving community that embraces inclusivity, respect, and a passion for martial arts. His vision and dedication have
laid the foundation for students to develop not only physical strength and skill but also the mental fortitude required to navigate life’s challenges.

Beyond his martial arts journey, Mr. Emin has a distinguished background as a former military member. His experience in the military has instilled in him a profound sense of discipline, resilience, and leadership. These invaluable qualities seamlessly translate into his approach to martial arts education, as he fosters an environment that encourages personal growth, self-discipline, and teamwork.

Mr. Emin’s unique blend of military experience and martial arts expertise allows him to deliver a well-rounded and holistic approach to training. He imparts invaluable life lessons and empowers students to become not only skilled martial artists but also confident individuals capable of achieving success both inside and outside the training facility.

As a leader, Mr. Emin fosters a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, where students of all ages and abilities feel encouraged to push their limits and achieve their goals. His charismatic personality and genuine care for each student create a sense of belonging and camaraderie among the All Star Martial Arts community.

About Us Richmond Hill | All Star Martial Arts World


Head Instructor Newmarket

Introducing Mr. Chaney, a dynamic and accomplished member of our martial arts team, whose extensive athletic background and passion for fitness have made him an invaluable asset to the All Star Martial Arts Family. With a lifelong dedication to sports and a remarkable journey in both Taekwondo and Football, Mr. Chaney brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our organization.

Mr. Chaney’s athletic journey began with Taekwondo, where he set his sights on becoming a provincial champion at a young age. Through hard work, discipline, and a relentless drive to succeed, he achieved his goal, showcasing his exceptional skills and determination in
Taekwondo. As he transitioned from Taekwondo, Mr. Chaney redirected his focus to football, where he quickly established himself as a top player in Canada. His remarkable talent and dedication led him to receive a full scholarship to both play and study at the esteemed University of Toronto. During his time as a football player, he honed his athleticism, leadership skills, and a deep understanding of physical fitness and conditioning.

Mr. Chaney’s passion for martial arts remained strong, and he joined All Star Martial Arts Newmarket as one of the original instructors. His extensive experience in both Taekwondo and Football, coupled with his exceptional teaching abilities, have played a vital role in the success of our students. His expertise, combined with his contagious enthusiasm and commitment, creates
a motivating and engaging learning environment for every student. With his vast knowledge of fitness and athleticism, Mr. Chaney brings a holistic approach to
martial arts training. He emphasizes the importance of physical fitness, strength, and agility, helping our students develop a well-rounded skill set and overall well-being.

We are privileged to have Mr. Chaney as an integral part of our martial arts team. His lifelong athletic journey, combined with his exceptional teaching skills and passion for fitness, has positively impacted the success of our students. With his guidance and expertise, our students are empowered to achieve their goals, develop self-discipline, and lead a healthy, active lifestyle
both on and off the training floor!

About Us Richmond Hill | All Star Martial Arts World


Head Instructor Newmarket

Meet Mr. Arman, a 3rd degree black belt and an esteemed member of our martial arts team, whose lifelong dedication and expertise have made him an invaluable asset to All Star Martial Arts Team.

With a passion for Taekwondo that began at the young age of 6, Mr. Arman brings a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of the art to our organization.
Having represented Iran as a member of the national team, Mr. Arman possesses a world class level of skill and knowledge in Taekwondo sparring. His extensive training and competition background have honed his abilities and granted him a deep understanding of the intricacies and strategies of combat.

With years of practice and discipline, Mr. Arman has developed a unique teaching style that combines technical precision with a strong focus on physical and mental conditioning. He is dedicated to helping his students unlock their full potential and achieve their martial arts goals!

We are honored to have Mr. Arman as an integral part of our martial arts team, where his expertise, passion, and dedication inspire and empower students to excel in their martial arts journey. With his guidance, our students will not only develop exceptional sparring skills but also gain invaluable life lessons and a sense of discipline and self-confidence that will benefit them both on and off the mats.

About Us Richmond Hill | All Star Martial Arts World


Head Instructor Newmarket

Master Natalija is an inspiring and influential member of our martial arts team, dedicated to empowering young girls and breaking barriers in the world of Taekwondo. As a positive female role model, she has made it her mission to show girls that they can succeed and thrive in martial arts.

When Master Natalija began her journey in Taekwondo, she was one of the few female students in her Taekwondo school. This experience fueled her determination to prove that gender is never a limitation when it comes to achieving greatness in martial arts. She serves as a mentor, guide, and source of inspiration for young girls who join our martial arts program. Her perseverance, skill, and unwavering passion have opened doors for countless girls who aspire to excel in Taekwondo.

Master Natalija continuously seeks opportunities for personal and professional growth. She actively participates in seminars, workshops, and training sessions to expand her knowledge and enhance her teaching methods. Her commitment to staying at the forefront of Taekwondo ensures that our students receive the highest quality instruction and access to the latest techniques and practices.

In addition to her exceptional Taekwondo skills, Master Natalija is a highly regarded photographer in the Taekwondo community. Her keen eye and artistic talent have captured the essence and beauty of Taekwondo through her lens. Her photographs have been featured globally, showcasing the artistry, discipline, and dedication embodied by practitioners.

We are honored to have Master Natalija as a valued member of our martial arts team. Her dedication to empowering young girls, her exceptional Taekwondo skills, and her globally recognized photography contribute to the enrichment of our program. Through her guidance and mentorship, she instills a love for martial arts in our students and empowers them to embrace their potential both on and off the mat.

About Us Richmond Hill | All Star Martial Arts World


Office Manager Newmarket

Ms. Sophia, a compassionate and dedicated member of our team, who plays a pivotal role in All Stars mission to provide exceptional care and support to our students. With a deep passion for working with young minds, she brings over a decade of childcare experience and expertise to our team!

As a certified Early Childhood Educator (ECE), Ms. Sophia possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to create nurturing and stimulating environments for children to thrive. Her genuine love for fostering growth and development in young learners shines through in our aftercare program and camps throughout the year.

In addition to her role in directly supporting children’s development, Ms. Sophia also takes charge of managing administrative tasks within our organization. Ms. Sophia’s exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail ensure that our day-to-day operations run smoothly, allowing our team to focus on providing the best possible training and martial arts education for our students.

With a warm and approachable demeanor, Ms. Sophia fosters strong connections with both children and their families, creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported. We are delighted to have Ms. Sophia as an integral part of our team, as she brings passion, expertise, and a genuine commitment to ensuring the best possible experiences for children and families!

Master Mahak


Senior Instructor Richmond Hill

Introducing Ms. Mahak, a warm-hearted and dedicated member of our martial arts staff. With a genuine passion for teaching children, Ms. Mahak brings a nurturing and empowering approach to our martial arts community.

Ms. Mahak’s love for teaching children is at the core of her martial arts journey. From the moment she stepped onto the training floor, she discovered her innate ability to connect with young learners and inspire them to reach their full potential. Her passion for guiding children on their martial arts journey has become her driving force.

As an instructor, Ms. Mahak creates a safe and supportive environment where children feel comfortable expressing themselves, learning new skills, and embracing the values of martial arts. Her patient and encouraging approach help children build confidence, discipline, and respect, not only within the training facility but also in their everyday lives. Ms. Mahak understands the unique needs and learning styles of children, and she tailors her teaching methods to engage and motivate each individual student. Her creative and interactive lessons make martial arts training enjoyable and memorable, leaving a lasting impact on the young minds she guides.

With her nurturing and compassionate nature, Ms. Mahak fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among her students. She celebrates their achievements, both big and small, and encourages them to set and pursue their goals with determination. Under her guidance, children develop not only physical skills but also valuable life skills that will serve them well beyond the training mat.

All Star Martial Arts - Clark Marcellano


Office Manager Richmond Hill

Meet Mr. Clark, the friendly and dedicated office manager at Oak Ridges. With a deep passion for Taekwondo and Muay Thai, as well as a background in Child and Youth Work, Mr. Clark brings a unique blend of skills and enthusiasm to our martial arts community.

As the office manager, Mr. Clark is the welcoming face that greets students and parents, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience at Oak Ridges. His friendly demeanor and exceptional organizational skills contribute to a positive and supportive environment for all. Mr. Clark’s love for martial arts began with Taekwondo and Muay Thai. He is an avid practitioner and actively seeks opportunities to continue his own training and personal growth in these disciplines. His passion for these arts shines through in his interactions with students, as he shares his knowledge and inspires others to embrace the physical and mental benefits of martial arts.

In addition to his martial arts background, Mr. Clark holds a degree in Child and Youth Work. This educational foundation provides him with a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by children and young individuals. His expertise in this field enables him to effectively support and nurture our students, fostering their personal development and well-being.

With his caring nature and ability to connect with individuals of all ages, Mr. Clark creates a warm and inclusive environment where students feel comfortable expressing themselves and pursuing their martial arts goals. He is dedicated to ensuring that each student’s experience at Richmond Hill is positive, encouraging, and filled with growth and achievement.

About Us Richmond Hill | All Star Martial Arts World


Instructor Newmarket

Ms. Olivia is not just a martial arts instructor; she’s a living testament to the power of dedication and passion for the art of Taekwondo. With a journey that began at the tender age of three, Ms. Olivia currently holds the esteemed title of 3rd Dan Black Belt.

Her journey in Taekwondo was marked by unrelenting enthusiasm and an unwavering commitment to self-improvement. This fervor for martial arts led to her acceptance at the prestigious Bill Crothers Secondary School, known for nurturing exceptional athletes. Even amidst the rigorous academic demands of this high-caliber institution, Ms. Olivia consistently maintains an honor roll status, proving that excellence in both mind and body can be achieved through dedication!

Ms. Olivia‘s passion for Taekwondo extends beyond personal achievement. She finds her purpose in teaching and guiding others on the path of martial arts. At our facility, she holds the role of a Junior Instructor, where her caring and patient nature shines. Ms. Olivia takes immense pride in helping young children overcome their fears and hurdles, just as she did when she embarked on her own martial arts journey.

Ms. Olivia is not just a martial arts instructor; she’s a mentor, a role model, and an inspiration to all those who aspire to discover the profound benefits of martial arts. Her story embodies the essence of dedication, hard work, and the transformational power of Taekwondo!

Master Sina


Head Instructor Richmond Hill

Master Sina’s remarkable journey in Taekwondo spans over three decades, establishing him as a revered figure in the sport. His extensive experience, unwavering dedication, and exceptional achievements have not only made him an outstanding practitioner but also an inspiring instructor and mentor.

Master Sina’s Taekwondo journey began over 30 years ago, and his enduring passion for the art continues to grow. His lifelong commitment to mastering the techniques, philosophy, and spirit of Taekwondo reflects his deep love for the sport.

In 2019, he achieved the pinnacle of Taekwondo success by securing the prestigious World Cup champion title. His victory on the international stage showcased not just his exceptional skills but also his unwavering discipline and determination, solidifying his reputation as a world-class practitioner.

Beyond international acclaim, Master Sina is a multiple-time Iranian National Champion, inspiring countless young athletes in Iran to strive for excellence.

Master Sina’s contributions extend to coaching, where he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience as a former National Team Coach. His guidance shapes the future of Taekwondo in his country, instilling values of discipline, respect, and perseverance in his students.

Instructor, mentor, and martial arts luminary, Master Sina’s deep understanding of Taekwondo’s philosophy and values enriches his teaching. Whether you’re a novice starting your martial arts journey or a seasoned practitioner seeking refinement, Master Sina’s guidance and mentorship will inspire you to reach new heights.



Head Instructor Newmarket

Even as a young boy of just 6, Master Artin found himself deeply entranced by the intricate movements and disciplined ethos of Taekwondo. This initiation into the martial arts world lit a flame that turned into a profound and lifelong passion, guiding his every step and decision. This love for the sport and commitment to excellence propelled him forward, shaping not only his personal journey but influencing countless others along the way. With an innate ability to nurture and guide, he has been a beacon for many budding talents, transforming them into internationally recognized champions.

Master Artin possesses one of Canada’s highest sport Taekwondo coaching certifications. This honor speaks volumes of his in-depth knowledge and unparalleled teaching skills. Yet, beyond the classroom and training grounds, he has tested his skills in the heat of competition, distinguishing himself as a formidable fighter in Iran’s elite professional Taekwondo league.

Every step of his diverse and rich journey, from a dedicated student to an esteemed coach and relentless competitor, is felt in each training session he leads. His story, filled with dedication, resilience, and passion, not only serves as an inspiration to our students but also positions him as a foundational pillar in our family-focused martial arts facility.

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